Davis Creek Primitive Baptist Church 1797

Likey Longest Continouosly Running Church In TN
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Sundays 10 – 1
1st and 4th Sunday
1937 Old Hwy 63
Speedwell, TN 37870

Our Mission & Vision

At Primitive Baptist Church our vision and mission is to keep the congregation alive by spreading God’s word and restoring the Church.

On January 01, 2017, Lil and I, Rick Jernigan, came to the area to visit one of the churches for their New Years Day services, afterwards we had planned to stay a couple of days for personal reasons.

Davis Creek PBC had been closed for the winter months and was not expected to open until the first Sunday in March.

So while in the area, we went by the church and noticed the condition of the building. We went home to west TN and vowed to contact the members and see if there was anything we could do to help them.

We came back to meet with the church the first Sunday in March and they accepted our offer to help raise money to fix up the building and try to keep it from degrading any further.

We came back again in April and presented the plan and we went into action. We had planned to manage this work from our home in Paris, TN some 6 hours away.

But God had better plans than our and on June 27, 2017 we permanently moved to Speedwell, TN approximately 3 miles form the church.

Past Messages

Historical Primitive Baptist Church

Below are the historical facts about the PBC


The original number of signers to the requesting letter was 19, the day of constitution, a total of 99 people joined the church.

Orginal Building

The original meetings took place in the members’ homes/barns or other structures, later a Log Cabin was constructed in the field across from the current church and stood till the 1850’s.

Current Building

The current building was constructed in the 1850’s and in the 1970’s the restroom foyer was added.

Coat Hooks

Originally there was 67 coat/hat hooks along the walls in the church, one can currently look and see the location placement of each.

Limestone Marker

On the front of the church foyer is a Limestone Marker, that has been carved by Joseph Hunter dedicating the land to the church. It is said it took him over 8 years to carve this monument.

Oil Lamps

Inside the church hangs one of the original Oil Lamps. There were two of these lamps that hung from pullies in the attic that allowed the members to raise or lower the lamps as needed for light.

Lights and Fans

In June/July 2020 Brother Carl and Sister Connie Weyel from San Antonio, TX came and spent a week with their grandson installing the period lights and fans along with updating the complete electrical system within the church.


There are several of the current benches that are original to the first meeting house, later when the current building was constructed the members made benches to match the originals. There are a total of 28 benches within the building.

Creation . Redemption . Restoration .

Davis Creek PBC FacebookLive Stream With Elder Jernigan

Restoring Primitive Baptist Church

The remaining items we need to do to complete our initial goals are as follows:


Finish the installation of New Siding and insulation of the walls.


Landscape the area around the church


Restore the area down at the creek where Baptisms used to be held. Clean up the area in general


Remove the Foyer from the church. For Historical Purposes


Update the Heating and Air System

Clean Up

Clean up the are around the Old Cemetery behind the church.

Fellowship Hall

Build a Fellowship Hall next to the church that will host a dining area, small kitchen and new restrooms

Original Outhouses

Restore the Outhouses across the road from the building

The Lost Jewel of Powell Valley, Tennessee

a true story of fortitude, determination, perseverance